When there is a will….

  **Warning – This is one of those TMI posts about kids and poop.***     So my 3 year old is not potty trained.   We have tried EVERYTHING.   Stickers, stamps, star charts, no diapers, pull ups, just underwear, going every 30 minutes, going every 15 minutes, sitting before breakfast, sitting before bed, […]

A Spectacle

If Shoppers could have charged for the hilarity that was my life today at their store they would have made some serious cash. I knew that I shouldn’t have taken my brood out today. I could tell this morning when they were all acting out; yelling and screaming and fighting with each other. Of course […]

Water Play with Toddlers

Who needs a water table? Certainly not us! We got this idea from Granny, as she said that Daddy used to spend all of his time at the kitchen sink. (so that’s why her house is always spotless! ;P ) We filled up one side of the sink with Yellow food colouring and the other […]