A Conversation of Great Misunderstanding.

Conversation while colouring on a toilet paper roll……… Child – “I am going to make a testicle.” Me – “A what?” Child – “A testicle, you know…to look through.” Me – “OH!! A telescope! I thought that you were saying testicle…a part of your penis.” Child – “No, a telescope. You know, Octopuses have testicles….tones […]

A Penny in Hand…and Mouth

I almost lost my baby to a penny. One cent. A worthless, useless, peice of copper (and lead) that my older child(ren) had left on the floor. You know the saying, “Find a penny, pick it up and all day you will have good luck.” No. Not at all. I saw the baby had something […]

Super Mommy No More

I have a super power. I can run on 4 hours of sleep without a cup of coffee. I can run after my 3 kids with an incredible amount of energy. I can eat whatever I want and not gain a pound. I am a size 0 without even trying. I can work on many […]

When there is a will….

  **Warning – This is one of those TMI posts about kids and poop.***     So my 3 year old is not potty trained.   We have tried EVERYTHING.   Stickers, stamps, star charts, no diapers, pull ups, just underwear, going every 30 minutes, going every 15 minutes, sitting before breakfast, sitting before bed, […]

End of an Era.

A couple of days ago my favourite parenting magazine Mothering said that it could no longer sustain the magazine portion of their business and that they are going to go towards an information/web only form of publication.   I was shocked. Mothering has been around since the late 70’s! I could not believe that such […]

Food Fight

My son told me that he had a hot chocolate in class today.   I completely freaked out.   I have a dairy allergy. No, it’s not life threatening, but it hurts like heck. Think of the worst pain you have had now stick it in your gut. I have also gotten hives and had […]

Bad Breastfeeding

When I had my first son I was convinced that it would be super easy to breastfeed. I mean my mom breastfed all of her kids (4 of us) until the age of 2! How hard could it be? Babies are born to be breastfed right??   Well, yes….but it was not that easy. The […]