A Poem to My First Born Son

I wrote this a while ago while I was feeling sappy.

My Son 

Everyday you are growing,
and yet you stay so small.
Sometimes I feel as though time and space,
mean nothing at all.
Everyday you are growing,
and yet a baby to me,
it’s hard to believe that each day,
my love grows exponentially!
Everyday you are growing.
My love makes you grow strong,
one day I will wake up and you will be grown up and gone.
I am happy to see you grow up,
to witness it first hand.
But sometimes I wish you would slow down,
and help me stay on dry land.
Because everyday it feels as though I am lost at sea,
the world is moving so fast,
but luckily, your love grounds and comforts me.
Everyday you are growing
and one day it will be nice to see,
What type of kind man and father you will become,
because of me!

Post Author: Alisha

While I spend most of my time homeschooling my 4 kids, I am also on a journey to better myself by exploring all the interesting things that life has to offer. I am passionate about human rights, especially in regards to birth, and am an advocate for families and babies.

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