Great Apps for Preschoolers

While many parents will shy away from technology I have fully embraced it for me and my kids. We are all apple users. A year ago I got a MacBook Pro for Christmas from my hubby and with the purchase we got a free iPod Touch. It kind of sat dormant in the car until one day I was searching “Transformer” Apps out of curiosity and then both me and my 5 year old son have been hooked!

Many parents wonder what are some Apps that are appropriate for kids, so I have put together a list of all the Apps that my children (preschoolers) love!
Angry birds – Who doesn’t love this App? It is incredibly easy to navigate and it teaches physics at the same time. While my son just loads the slingshot and fires without much thought…he loves to see the buildings crash to the ground. He also passes some levels that I get stuck on, because he just doesn’t stop firing!
Animatch – A matching game. I am not a huge fan of the matching games but my kids love them. This one is more for the 5 year old and not the 3 year old as the little one just gets frustrated. The cool part about this App is that when you press on a tile it makes the sound that the animal makes so not only are you using visual learning, but audio as well. (and kinaesthetic if you attribute that to the tap screen.)
Glow free – These are kind of like old school “paint” for windows. You just pick a colour and drag it across the screen. Both boys like this App. Easy, easy to use.
Fire Lite – This is a really cool App. It is just like the “paint” above but it is with fire. The kids can make it glow and get hotter and change the direction of the flame. Even I like this one!
Zoola – This is a great App for the under 5 set. (yes I let my 3 year old play too!) This App. has 3 screens with 12 animals each. Farm, safari and forest. The child presses one of the animals and it lets you see/hear how to say it’s name and what it sounds like (male, female and baby). I really like this one, and my 3 year old does too! It is a really easy to use App. and great for teaching the little ones how an iPod/iPhone works.
Planets – This App. isn’t really for kids but it is a Free App. and you can’t go wrong with Free! It actually shows you all the constellations and the way that the planets look in 3D. My kids don’t understand this one as much but they like to look at Earth and Venus and se how alike they are and it leads to many different conversations about space!
Cute Math – Exactly like it says…cute! This is another Free App. so the quality isn’t that great (picture wise) but the idea is there, and I don’t think the kids notice that the graphics are not outstanding. Kids are told how many melons or apples they are supposed to collect and then drag them to the basket. They also do easy adding and subtracting. A little early for my particular kids, but you can never start math too early in my opinion. 🙂
Feed Me (french) – This is another great Free App. that teaches kids french. (Although I wish I understood it!) Oh, well….exposure to another language is good…right?
Lekar – This App. is made by IKEA, which I think is awesome. IKEA is known for being an innovative company and this App. is no exception. It’s whole premise is to get you up and active with your kids, and I love that!!
Animals Lite – This is a letter/word recognition game where the child drags the letters into the right spots to make a word. Each letter says it’s name and when they are strung together properly they hear what the word says. This one is more for 4-6year olds.
Tales 2 Go – I just downloaded this App. as they had a free trial. It is basically stories for different age groups. My kids don’t love this one as much as Angry Birds or Make a Martian, but they do use it and sit quietly for the amount of time it takes for the story to finish…which is a win in my books!
Word Wiggler – What starts with this letter, etc. This App. is great for learning letter recognition. Both my boys love this App. and it is super easy to navigate for the 3 year old which is awesome. I like how they will play this one together, the older one telling the younger which is right!
Make A Martian – The kids LOVE this one, and who wouldn’t? Super easy to use for both the kids and this is the one that they fight over… (need a new iPod it seems). The basic premise is that the kids click different eyes, ears and tentacles among other things! I really recommend this one.
And lastly, the App. that started it all.
Cybertoy Free – Or so it says! This App. is smart because each transformer costs .99c and of course the kids want everyone. I do like that they can transform the cars with a swipe of a finger and that there is an option for Bumblebee to bust a move, but otherwise this is the App. that I load when I need that 15 mins of peace.
Do you have any favourites? Leave your suggestions in comments.

Post Author: Alisha

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