So my eldest son at 6 years old has a super hard time playing by himself or with his little brother for longer than 10 minutes at a time.

I tend to get frustrated because he always wants to be around me, showing me what he is working on at that exact second. For the most part I go and see, but sometimes I have other stuff to do like check my email, do a load of dishes or laundry, put the baby down for a nap or heaven forbid try to take a pee by myself.
My three year old does not really have this issue and will sit with whatever toy for hours on end. Each kid is so different!
I think some of the issue comes back to the six year old’s constant learning. He wants to share with me the stuff that he learns because he is a social person. He also loves me so he is curious to see what I am doing and likes to check up on me.
Throughout the day I tell him to go play, take him into the craft room, or play room or his room and get him started on an activity…10 mins later he has come back to me to ask me to come see, to do something else, to have a snack or the like. And I again take him to go and play.

Sometimes I even kick him outside with a shovel and set the timer for 15 mins just so he will stay outside to get some fresh air (in good weather). Of course I have my moments when I get annoyed and yell at him to go and play…and he does, for 10 mins!!!

That is unless….it’s 9:30pm and I put him to bed 2 hours ago. He is more than happy to play lego, or read books until midnight alone in his room if I let him….what is up with that??

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    (April 7, 2011 - 6:37 pm)

    Judith is the exact same way. It’s really hard for me, as I am kind of a solitary person. I never get any alone time anymore! Even after she goes to bed, she is always up playing, and keeping the other kids awake. Gideon is happy to sit for hours at the table and play with his trucks, or play with the train table downstairs. He doesn’t like when other people “mess” with his stuff. He is more like me! Sometimes Judith will play downstairs “by herself” if the other kids are down there too. But she still yells at me all the time to “Come and see this!” It totally drives me crazy, even though I understand and I want to meet her needs. Some days I really would love to just send her to school, though. =/

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