Sandwitch Ghosts, Vampire Bites and Pumpkin Seeds

Puking Pumpkin (Guacamole)

It’s no secret that my favourite part about Halloween is the themed food.

Every year I scour magazines and websites and now Pinterest for some new ideas on how to make the best edibles for this awesome season.

There is just something about it that makes me smile. Maybe it’s because my kids actually eat everything I make them in the month of October and maybe it’s also because I get to get creative in the kitchen (I don’t like to cook otherwise).

For the last 7 years this Halloween themed food has been only shared with my friends on Facebook, but a friend of mine over at This Bird’s Day, encouraged me to blog about what I love and so – every Thursday for the month of October I will feature some yummy Halloween themed food.

Like I said, I am not a cook by any means. These are really easy and your kids will absolutely love them! Enjoy!!

Here is a really easy easy one.

First go out and buy some quality Halloween themed cookie cutters. These are invaluable. You can get some at Williams and Sonoma, Pier One, Michaels, and I recently found these itty bitty ones at Home Outfitters. I use cookie cutters a lot. So easy to instantly make a Halloween meal.

Sandwitch Ghosts, Vampire Bites and Pumpkin Seeds 

Ghosts, Bites and Seeds. (Bat just for decoration).

I make these a lot during the month of October as I get really busy and sometimes forget to plan something for lunches. All you do is make a sandwitch – anything inside really – and then use the cookie cutter of your choice. 

Variation. Witch Hat, seeds, and pumpkin soup.

You can jazz these up by using peppercorns in the eyes, or ketchup for blood, etc. If you are worried about food waste use the cookie cutter first and save the crusts for a Deadman Meatloaf. 

I like to pair these sanwitches with Vampire Bites, which are also incredibly easy to make. Just take a ripe cherry tomato (you can also use cut-up tomatoes) and use almond slivers for vampire teeth. If your child is allergic to nuts, you could also use chow mein noodles. 

Don’t these look amazing!!

By adding the Pumpkin Seeds, you add more protein to the meal and who doesn’t like this seasonal snack? I got a great recipe from This Bird’s Day that is really great. 

I found that washing the pumpkin seeds and then allowing them to fully dry before cooking them, and adding your spices was the best way to go. I love how crunchy and tasty they are! 

There are hundreds of variations to these three things and so if you are crazy like me and send themed lunches to “school” as well there are a lot of different things you can do with a little imagination and a cookie cutter! 

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