So Easy a Kid Can Do It!

So are you getting pumped for Halloween yet? With only 3 days to go my house is buzzing with excitement.

This week is the week of Halloween Themed food in my household. I am sharing all of my creations on this blog, Facebook and twitter. I have been getting many comments about how much time it must take to prepare all these. Comments about planning and creativity.
I wanted to set the record straight. I am not that creative, however, I am a certified Pinterest junkie.
Kits add a little something to pre-baked goods!
I don’t think that there is a better website when it comes to keeping all of the holiday themed ideas in one place. My only critism is that I would like it if the folders had sub folders, just so my food and crafts were not on the same page for “Halloween” (this is only a problem when you have as many pins as I do.)
Some of the meals do look a little involved, but I promise that they are not. I choose the easiest ones for a reason. (that reason is laziness…..)
My oldest son really loves to see all the creations and in the last couple years has shown interest in making spooky items for us all to enjoy. He is only 7 so they are more sweet than spooky – but I love that he is trying to get involved.
Here are a couple of his creations.
Spooky Apple. 
Can you see the face?

He honestly took a butter knife and carved the eyes out of this apple and then took a picture of it so I could “post it on my blog.”

I love it. It’s just so simple, but conveys the idea that I wanted to show them at Halloween.
Ghost Yogurt.
I shared this one in another Blog Post in this series.

Look how easy it is. He just put grapes in the top for eyes.

I love it!

This guy makes me laugh!

Monster Granola or Eyes Surprise Cereal

Continuing with the grapes for eyes theme, we have another great spooky meal.

If you add props it can make it that much more Halloween!

Seriously, if my son can do this, so can you!!!

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