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We had an absolute blast today at LEGO KidsFest! I knew that my kids would be so excited to go – I just didn’t realize HOW excited they would be. They basically ran over one another just to get through the door.

I knew that they would want to see everything so I was sure to print out a copy of all the different activities that were available to us and made sure that we got to the ones that the kids really wanted to see first.

The very first thing that we saw was the LEGO Model Museum. My kids were amazed to see all the different life-sized figures. We made sure to take pictures next to all of the ones that they went crazy over. The full sized LEGO Batman was a huge hit for all three of the boys, but there were plenty others that made the cut. My boys kept asking if we could make them at home with our own LEGO bricks – I encouraged them on, but said that we would have to go to The LEGO Store to supplement our collection of LEGO bricks.

Next stop was the Big Brick Pile. Was it even a question that my boys would be all over this – literally?!? As soon as they saw it their eyes lit up and their jaws actually touched the ground. We spent quite a few minutes here before they were racing to the next awesome activity.

We had to visit both the DUPLO construction zone and the LEGO construction zone – so my husband and I split up. He took the older two to see the LEGO zone and I kept the younger two with me at DUPLO. This was the area that we spent the most time at. My 4 year old is just starting his love affair with DUPLO so he wanted to show me how many different things that he could build with all the different DUPLO pieces that we do not have at home. (It was a lot!!)

We took our time at the Monochromatic build and then of course at MINDSTORMS. My boys are also huge fans of LEGO Starwars, and LEGO Chima so we stopped there too! There were so many really cool activities that I can’t even begin to go through them all.

In all it was the best event that we have ever been to with regards to LEGO. If LEGO KidsFest comes back to Calgary in the future we will be buying tickets for more than one day….we needed more time!

ps. Thank goodness that there was a retail section there as we were able to buy some new sets while the kids still had all that creative energy coursing through their veins after being able to meet real life Master Builders (oh did I mention, that was an activity too!!!)

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