Math Discovery Table

Math Discovery Table.

One of my main goals this year was to find a space in our homeschooling room for a discovery table. I finally found one on a buy/sell site that fits perfectly under our window. Every month I set up the table to go with a theme that we are learning. It is great because all of the materials that I want the kids to explore are right at their eye level and accessible.

One month we did robots, another was colours and lately we had a dinosaur theme. I also use the table for seasonal themes (this is where the LEGO Advent Calendar sits.

Math Discovery Table 2

I have been feeling that we have been neglecting math a little bit, since we mostly just use Jump Math and Life of Fred for our homeschooling. These are both sit down workbook curriculums so the boys don’t like to do them very much. With the Math Discovery Table everything is manipulative and enticing. I fond they spend much more time creating and solving problems themselves, with little to no input from me.

Creating a Math Discovery Table is so easy. You don’t need much to make it exciting for kids.

First, you need to decide if it is a general math table, or if it is for a certain grade or a certain math concept. I am teaching across grades so this particular table has something for my son in grade 4, as well as my sons in grade 1 and preschool.

Second, a nice mix of books (that you can get from the library) as well as games are a good start. I also added 2 different types of manipulative Math-Link Cubes for my older boys and Busy Bugs by Discovery Toys for the younger ones.

I added dice, dominos, and a couple books from Box Cars and One Eyed Jacks. What I love about these are that my kids don’t even realize that they are learning anything when they play with these. Which is awesome for hands on homeschooling.

Lastly, tangrams are awesome for learning about shapes, fractions, geometry, area, and perimeter.  I also splurged on the Uncle Goose Groovie Math Blocks just because I think they look so cool.

The kids have spent so much time at this table and I am so glad that it worked the way that I hoped that it would. The only thing that I may change is to get a gate for the homeschooling room so that I don’t have to continually clean up the mess that my littlest one makes when she is participating in hands on learning.

Math Discovery Table 3

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    (February 27, 2016 - 4:14 pm)

    Love this idea!! Do you keep it up all the time or change it out?


      (February 29, 2016 - 12:38 am)

      I change it out. I like to keep it new and exciting.

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