Review of the OneDay App & Giveaway

I meant to post this blogpost a couple weeks ago but with all the sick kids in my house lately, it’s been a challenge to get any writing done. 

We downloaded the OneDay app just before Valentine’s Day and had so much fun making themed movies. The interface is so easy to use and the kids really loved all the prompts. We have made many more since then, but these ones are my favourite…. “especially the part about what adults do on valentines…..” (kids are so funny!) 

Check it out below!! 

(I can assure you all that there was no wine or chocolates on Valentine’s Day for me…. more like Netflix marathons of The 100 or gLee, and wallowing that my husband is working out of town as he usually does on Valentine’s Day. 😉 )

We had such a blast making these video that the  kids wanted to do one each themselves. You can see that one of my kids is more shy and the other two are complete camera hams and dying for their own YouTube channel. I am pretty excited that the OneDay app is so easy to use that I even downloaded it to my sons iPad so he can make his own movies. It also has many applications for homeschooling, since it has different prompts and ideas that the kids can be inspired by to make movies for their portfolio themselves.  The ones that the kids made so far are, of course, much more silly than the ones that I made – but these are to keep forever, so I can see how cute my kids are when they grow up and move out of my house. 



The OneDay app is free and available to download HERE for IOS and HERE for Android. I would love to see what your kids come up with. You can easily share these on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter with just a click of a button, so what are you waiting for?? 

Oh, and guess what?? For making it through to the end of this post you can be entered into a $150 Visa Gift Card giveaway!! (so you can buy props for all the fabulous movies you and your kids are going to make.) 


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