Easy Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts from Kids

If you have landed on this blogpost you are not unlike the hundreds of other caregivers that may have forgotten that Mother’s Day is this weekend. 

Fear not dear friend,  here are some ideas that are sure to make sure that mom feels like the queen that she is. 

1. Little Flower Pot. 

MDP6Go to the craft store and grab a clay pot and some acrylic paint. After the child has finished and the creation has dried, fill it with some dirt and plant  some seeds. You could also get a small plant from the garden centre if you want really easy. Here is an awesome like to Pinterest for one we are doing for my own mom.


2. Painting 

There are tons of different ideas on Pinterest for inspiration for paintings. Mom’s love pretty much anything that their kids spend some time on, so really you can’t go wrong. 

3. JewelleryMDP3 

What mom doesn’t like jewellery? It is even better when it is made
with love. All you need is some string and some beads. Let the kids go wild! As a side note, I already have 4
of these and I absolutely love them. 

4. Pictures! 

Yes, we mom’s have a ton of digital pictures on all of our devices but there is just something about real prints. Why not print out some of mom’s favourite pictures and put them in some frames that the kids decorate. Really, so simple. Can we just say Pinterest wins here?? If you have some extra time you could have the kids help make a photo book that will be cherished forever. 

5. Memory Journal

This is my personal favourite and my kids contribute to it every year. I love that I don’t have so many nicknacks that I have to store and clutter up the house. I also enjoying leafing through the years and seeing how my children’s art changes and grows. I really look forward to the new additions each year… plus it makes it so so easy on my husband. 
Memory Journal from Kids
Happy Mother’s Day!! 

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    Super cute. I just want waffles in the morning. PLEASE SOMEONE MAKE ME WAFFLES!

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