Easy Winter Craft for Kids : Puffy Paint Snowman

I love the winter holidays. It’s a great time to hibernate and take time to reconnect after a busy fall schedule. My family tends to stay indoors during the break more than usual because we feel crowded out by all the other families that are on break from school. Since we spend so much time at home I make sure to have quick and easy crafts for the kids on hand to be able to do in 5 mins or less. 

One of these crafts is the Puffy Paint Snowman. If you have never made a Puffy Painted Snowman you are in for a treat! All you need is some glue and shaving cream. 


White Glue 
Foam Shaving Cream (not the gel) 
Google Eyes
Card Stock (many colours) 
Any other items that you may want to put on the scene


Mix the glue and shaving cream in a 1:1 ratio. I found it easiest to spray about 1 cup of cream, then add 2 cups of glue, then add another 1 cup of cream on top. Fold in the mixture. You want it to be puffy so make sure not to mix it too well. 

This will give you a considerable amount of “paint” to work with. snowman3

Take a foam brush and make a snowman shape onto a blue piece of cardstock. Have your
child add eyes, buttons, and whatever else that they would like. It’s art, so let them go wild. You can cut out hats, arms, noses, and scarves from the cardstock. 

You don’t even have to make a snowman, one child in my kindergarten class wanted to make a snowstorm. It was just “paint” on a blue background. It looked lovely. 

If you wanted to add sparkles to the paint, make sure that you either mix them in, or sprinkle before it dries.

Once these dry they can be a bit delicate – if your child presses hard on the paint it can flake off, so these are best to be displayed somewhere where everyone can enjoy them. 

Happy Crafting! Snowman1

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