A Flexible Scheduling App for Your Homeschool

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As I am entering my 7th year of homeschool I have tried scheduling in many different ways. What always gets me caught up is that what I think is going to happen, and then what actually happens are two separate things. Our life is very chaotic with 4 kids, 2 with learning challenges and a partner who works away on business. Part of what I love the most about homeschooling is how flexible it is. However, this flexibility does not bode well for most planners and schedules. Even, my top 5 planners cannot triumph over the sideswipe that comes from the 3rd week of October. What ends up happening is that I have one paper calendar, one bullet journal for homeschool planning, one for home, one for work, and then using Evernote to keep track of what we do for reporting easily accessible on my phone. 

However, a new Kickstarter Campaign was just launched that might just help me with all my disorganized organization. The Flexible School Schedule is an online app that works across devices to not only help me plan my year, but also to keep all my resources in the same place, and track and record my children’s progress. I am really loving how it will have the ability for me to be able to show my facilitator everything from start to finish.

How It Works.

1. Gather Your Thoughts As you homeschool, all kinds of ideas and plans come to mind. But you may not be ready to act on them. The scratchpad is a great place to jot them down so you won’t forget.

2. Collect Your Resources As your homeschool library grows and as you find more and more resources online, it can be difficult to remember what you have and where everything is. The Flexible School Schedule resource list can help. Simply enter a video link, website link or book into the list so you always know what you have and where to find it.

3. Layout Your School Year Plan your year in flexible terms and weeks per term, not rigid dates and times on a calendar. Homeschool life is rarely rigid. Children go at their own pace. Life happens and we need to stop for a day or two. Flexible school schedule allows you to speed up or slow down as needed. You can even stop and just start back up right where you left off.

4. Plan Your Subjects Focus on each child’s individual needs and pace as you plan what subjects you’ll teach. You can schedule subjects to be taught as many times per week or per term as each child and each subject requires.

5. Record Your Progress As you progress through the school year, mark each lesson complete when it is done. Enter what you did, when you did it and how long you spent doing it. Progress bars will give you an overview of your child’s progress for the year, the term and on a per subject basis.

6. Report Your Accomplishments You can create custom reports. Simply select what data you would like to see and click “print” to get beautifully formatted reports that accurately represent your efforts, perfect for your records and to assist with fulfilling state requirements. 

An idea of the phone interface.

So Why Should You Help Fund Flexible School Schedule Kickstarter Campaign?

  1. You want to use this product. Flexible School Schedule is unique because it is designed around the pace of each child and the life of the family, not rigid dates and times on a calendar. It’s structured enough to keep you on track but flexible enough to let life happen.
  2. You get to influence the development of this tool. People who support Flexible School Schedule are getting in on the ground floor. They have the opportunity to influence and shape the creation of an exciting new tool for homeschool families.
  3. You’re helping a homeschool family launch a dream. Phillip and Lanaya have been homeschooling their four children for over a decade. For almost a year they have been dreaming and planning Flexible School Schedule. With your help they can make that dream a reality. 

I am really excited to try this out. I really feel that with the more kids that I am homeschooling the more streamlined and scheduled I have to be, even if it’s only to make me feel better (and to show what we have done to our facilitators).

Make sure that you head over to the Flexible School Schedule Kickstarter Page and check out their video. Let me know what you think! 

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