Embracing ADHD

When my oldest son started Kindy earlier this year he was “flagged” for his intensity. The teacher (who I love) asked me if I wanted to pursue testing and coding. In this province if your child is diagnosed with a learning disability or condition such as ADD or ADHD then the school gets more money […]


I am at a cross-roads. I feel like someone is trying to shove me off of a pirate plank and into the water. I feel like I am being forced to make decisions, and in-decisiveness is more my style. Not saying that is a good thing, just that I get panic attacks when *I* actually […]

The Light Turns On

I belong to a pretty progressive parenting board and have been a member for over 4 years. There is lots of discussions on a variety of topics. Recently we had a discussion about homeschooling, outlining many of the questions that I have put up on this blog. Today one of the very wise mama’s posted, […]