Saying Goodbye to a Family Pet

As we all know life sometimes decides to kick you in the butt and throws things at you that you may not be expecting. This is exactly what has happened with our family. I wanted to share a little bit of our story and some resources in case you have to go through this as […]


I was talking on the phone with my cousin today and she demanded that I blog about what happened today and so without further adieu….. My son is having trouble at his preschool. He isn’t really the “sit down and listen” type… he is more of the “you told me what to do and now […]

A Mother’s Nose

I am one of those moms that not only uses the daily bath to clean my incredibly dirty boys, but also to have them play for 30 mins or so while I fold laundry on the bathroom floor in front of them. Its kind of a wind down ritual to our hectic day. This particular […]