Taking that first step to homeschool is a big one. I remember when I first started homeschooling 5 years ago I was terrified that I was making the wrong choice. My heart said that it was that right path, but friends, family, and society were all telling me something different. I wasn’t a teacher – so how would I know how to teach?

I wished back then that I would have had someone to hold my hand. Someone to show me some studies, to encourage me, to let me know that it’s just one step and that I could change my mind at any time. I wanted someone to explain homeschooling to me. To help me figure out which homeschooling mom I was, and how my kids would learn best.

I wanted someone to help me choose curriculum. To be real with reviews. To help me write a learning plan. I just wanted someone to let me know that it would all be okay.

I can be that person for you. I have 4 kids, I have homeschooled from grade 1-5, and again from K-2, as well as preschool. I know what it is like to be home and feel overwhelmed, I can help you figure out your plan.

 Consultation Rates 

For a one hour Phone or Skype session in the Central Alberta area – $35 CAD

For a one hour In Person session in Calgary & Area – $50 CAD 

If you would like a Consultation outside of these areas – please just send me an email. I am sure we can work it out. 

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