I was talking on the phone with my cousin today and she demanded that I blog about what happened today and so without further adieu….. My son is having trouble at his preschool. He isn’t really the “sit down and listen” type… he is more of the “you told me what to do and now […]

A Mother’s Nose

I am one of those moms that not only uses the daily bath to clean my incredibly dirty boys, but also to have them play for 30 mins or so while I fold laundry on the bathroom floor in front of them. Its kind of a wind down ritual to our hectic day. This particular […]

A Conversation of Great Misunderstanding.

Conversation while colouring on a toilet paper roll……… Child – “I am going to make a testicle.” Me – “A what?” Child – “A testicle, you know…to look through.” Me – “OH!! A telescope! I thought that you were saying testicle…a part of your penis.” Child – “No, a telescope. You know, Octopuses have testicles….tones […]

When there is a will….

  **Warning – This is one of those TMI posts about kids and poop.***     So my 3 year old is not potty trained.   We have tried EVERYTHING.   Stickers, stamps, star charts, no diapers, pull ups, just underwear, going every 30 minutes, going every 15 minutes, sitting before breakfast, sitting before bed, […]

The Polite Thing

Picture this…you saved up all your money to buy a nice fancy car you have always wanted. You love the feel of the seats, the smell of the upholstery, the way that the engine purrs. You love it so much that you take it with you everywhere, and why wouldn’t you? It’s your favourite car. […]

A Spectacle

If Shoppers could have charged for the hilarity that was my life today at their store they would have made some serious cash. I knew that I shouldn’t have taken my brood out today. I could tell this morning when they were all acting out; yelling and screaming and fighting with each other. Of course […]