So Easy a Kid Can Do It!

So are you getting pumped for Halloween yet? With only 3 days to go my house is buzzing with excitement. This week is the week of Halloween Themed food in my household. I am sharing all of my creations on this blog, Facebook and twitter. I have been getting many comments about how much time […]

Sandwitch Ghosts, Vampire Bites and Pumpkin Seeds

Puking Pumpkin (Guacamole) It’s no secret that my favourite part about Halloween is the themed food. Every year I scour magazines and websites and now Pinterest for some new ideas on how to make the best edibles for this awesome season. There is just something about it that makes me smile. Maybe it’s because my […]

What is…A Food Coop?

There is no question that food is one of the most expensive things that you have to buy. That and with the fact that you actually have to continue to buy it no matter what – or you will literally starve.   There are lots of studies done on food; the right food, the wrong […]